Converting the funeral arrangement form into a first-class funeral

Any funeral Conductor will tell you that they need to have complete faith in the person who has put the funeral arrangements in place if they are to page the hearse out of the funeral home with confidence.

One day workshop £175.

Once you’ve seen the client and have everything written down in the arrangement form, this course will help you translate this into a first class funeral within a very short space of time.  There are a myriad of phone calls that need to be made to liaise between the minister, celebrant, grave digger, crematorium, doctors, florists, musicians and so on.  This course covers everything that needs to be organised to ensure the funeral goes off without a hitch.  The course also covers basic funeral administrator skills, such as placing death announcements, estimates, invoicing, floral tributes and donations.  This course is open to those not yet working in the funeral profession.

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