PC 334 Oliver Button, Norfolk Constabulary

“A really informative and interactive session pitched at just the right level. The two trainers have a really relaxed and calm way of imparting their knowledge. There was plenty of checking on the participants welfare throughout the session, and the support information sent after the training was invaluable. I feel prepared should I be called upon to deliver bereavement support during this unprecedented time.”

PC 334 Oliver Button, Norfolk Constabulary

“Fantastic training, very professional. Delivered well, the personal stories were very powerful”

“‘Help is at Hand’ is a great resource!”

“Thank you so much to all the speakers”

“Excellent and extremely humbled at the bravery of the lived experiences

“Fantastic very moving training that will impact how I support people in & outside of my work”

“This is the second time I have attended this training and each time I have learned something new & discovered my confidence has grown..”

“Really useful training – thank you to all”

“Fantastic workshop, thank you so much”

“Excellent training – powerful life stories”

“Really interesting, relevant & engaging. Delivered brilliantly by both trainers with useful references to examples & cases, thank you!”

“Brilliant, inspiring 2 days, well worth doing – even over a weekend.”

“The course has been brilliant, not only for my work/day job, but also for my own mental health & personal life.”

“Thank you for facilitating this essential course.”

“Brilliant course. I learnt a lot about use of language & stigma, listening, validating through open questions and signposting. More confident to support now.”

“Thank you for being my tutor & helping me through the course. You urged me to carry on even when I was a pain & moaned about wanting to give up!! You put so much time & effort in to teaching me and made all subjects so engaging. I will be forever grateful to you. You are an inspiration!!”

“Thank you so much for your help & support with my diploma. I absolutely couldn’t have done it without you! Your tutoring was fantastic and your wish for everyone to succeed is so valuable and even the mock orals (which I so enjoyed!) proved to be so valuable! Thank you – you are great!”

“Excellent delivery of course, very interesting.”

“Very, very interesting and spoke about a lot of issues I hadn’t really ever thought about! Thank you.”

“A real insight into mental health issues – thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

“Excellent course and will recommend to others.”

“Both instructors were excellent & made the course very interesting: excellent all round.”

“This course was extremely informative with good, clear examples. It was both interesting & useful, thank you.”

“This was a highly valuable course. It gave an excellent insight and extremely well presented.”

“Such an excellent, relevant, interesting and well delivered course. Well structured & knowledgeable, thank you.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful training day you gave us. Rosedale does really excellent work & your bereavement course is a wonderful initiative: the visits were fascinating too. I will certainly tell anyone I see about the wonderful service you offer.”

“Thank you so much for the really helpful training day. It gave a real insight into your work & the visits were incredibly worthwhile. I am very appreciate of the time & care you afforded us & would definitely recommend your services.”

“Great course, very helpful & well presented, thank you.”

“Really accurate and well delivered presentation, thank you.”

“Very well presented in a way everybody can understand.”

“Very eye opening and inspiring”

“Mark is fantastic! He makes the lessons fun as well as informative and he has been very supportive to me personally.”

“Anne is very friendly, honest, helpful and understanding. She was always available to help.”

“Anne is a lovely person, very approachable and knowledgeable and instills confidence in you.”

“Mark is very energetic and passionate about leading the classes. He is always available to help.”

“This course is a must for all and should be compulsory for all working in the funeral profession.”

“Anne and Mark were very helpful and helped to build my confidence. I would recommend the course 100%, it is so informative and useful in my workplace.”

“Thank you very much – I really do feel I am better equipped to do my job.”

“I would 100% advise anyone to study for this qualification. The tutors are very knowledgeable and approachable and the whole course was enjoyable.”

“The course has really helped me to learn about the funeral industry and although I don’t arrange funerals, my confidence in the job that I do perform has increased enormously since I started the course.”

“I have found the course content to be very comprehensive and a great reference tool throughout the course. I would absolutely recommend it.”