Diploma in Funeral Directing (Dip.FD)

This diploma course is designed for funeral arrangers and administrators who are looking to progress into the role of funeral directing.  It is also ideal for existing Funeral Directors to gain the comprehensive knowledge and skills required to perform effectively in the role.

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What is the Diploma in Funeral Directing?

The Diploma in Funeral Directing is recognised within the industry as the gold standard. This highly interactive training has been specifically developed and tailored to cover the variety of tasks and specialist knowledge and skills required of funeral directors.

From preparing, managing and conducting funerals, to specialist areas of expertise and awareness of latest legislation; this engaging in-depth course will guide you towards a professional qualification and expand your knowledge with the help of experienced professionals.

As a result of achieving this qualification, the Diploma holder will be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and competences to confidently carry out funeral directing tasks and responsibilities, including team management and conducting of a funeral to satisfy and exceed the expectations of the client.

How is the course delivered?

Since the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, the NAFD has taken the opportunity to review and rewrite the course learning materials and new student registrations are currently suspended.

Historically, tuition has taken place over eight weekdays during a 12-month period at Rosedale Training’s facilities on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, including field trips to a children’s hospice, Coroner’s court etc.

Courses usually start in the spring and/or early autumn and we are keen to launch a new course in October 2020, which will most likely be delivered with a mix of training on the zoom platform,  with face to face training delivered with social distancing measures in place where necessary.

Ordinarily, to register your interest in this training, you would go to the website of the National Association of Funeral Directors at  www.nafdqualifications.org.uk , selecting Anne Beckett-Allen as your tutor.  In the short term, simply email info@rosedaletraining.co.uk and leave your mobile number and we will contact you to discuss your training requirements.  As soon as the NAFD open up new student applications again, we will be in touch to get you booked in.

Anne Beckett-Allen, Rosedale Training

Entry Criteria

1) Registration for this qualification is for funeral service employees working within the funeral service.

2) Award of the Diploma in Funeral Arranging and Administration (Dip.FAA) must have been achieved prior to registration for the Diploma in Funeral Directing qualification.

3) Students must be able to provide workplace evidence of funeral directing responsibilities, including the conducting of a number of funerals within the period of study, to be able to achieve the requirements of assessment.

What will delegates learn?

The diploma course is made up of five modules.  Firstly, looking at the evolving role of the Funeral Director and commercial awareness for those in the profession.  The latest UK legislation for funeral services is covered in the second module, followed by operational and public health considerations.  Specialist funeral services covers procedures such as repatriation, bequeathals, exhumations and burials at sea.  The final module looks at preparations for the funeral as well as managing and conducting the ceremony.

The NAFD website has a qualification prospectus for you to download – view here.

The qualification can be achieved within a period of 12-18 months.

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed through submission of coursework at the conclusion of each of the five modules.  There is a written examination at the end of the course and you are required to submit a portfolio of evidence of funerals that you have conducted.  The pass mark for all coursework and the examination is 60%.

How much does the Dip FD cost?

Course fees are £2,150 plus exam and registration fees which are payable directly to the National Association of Funeral Directors. This includes up to seven days tuition and one mock written exam a well as the opportunity to hear guest speakers and optional trips to places such as a School of Anatomy at the University of East Anglia.

Discounts are offered to companies sending three or more students.

There is an option to attend an additional revision day for the sum of £75 per student and additional mock written exams can be sat at a cost of £75 per student.

In the event that you are not successful in passing the exams first time, coaching for a resit includes 2 days of additional tuition and support and is charged at £200.

If you would like to find out more about the Diploma in Funeral Directing please contact Anne or Mark on 01379 640810 or email info@rosedaletraining.co.uk

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