Running your own Bereavement Support Programme.

Training around bereavement support.

This course is for those wanting to set up and run their own 8 week Bereavement Support Programme within their organisation, charity, company, church or community.

This interactive course is offered via Zoom and will train and prepare delegates to facilitate effective and safe bereavement support groups.

Delegates wanting to learn how to facilitate a course are not required to be counsellors, but we do recommend the following:

  • Personal experience of bereavement and loss
  • A genuinely caring and empathetic nature
  • A vocation for supporting the bereaved
  • Some previous experience of working/volunteering in a helping/listening role.

Over two half day sessions (with breaks) delegates will learn about:

  • The 8 week programme
  • Active listening skills
  • Group mechanics (how to set up and run their groups)
  • Dealing with potential difficulties that may arise
  • Creating a safe environment for facilitators and participants
  • The importance of hope
  • How to set up an ongoing, supportive bereavement community after the 8 week programme.

As part of the training, candidates will be given the knowledge and tools required to run the Rosedale Bereavement Support Programme including:

  • A comprehensive facilitators training workbook
  • The 8 week Rosedale Bereavement Support Programme- facilitators copy
  • A pack of group discussion cards.

We recommend that candidates attend in pairs, as the Rosedale Bereavement Support Programme is most effectively and safety facilitated by two people.

If you are interested in setting up, getting involved with or running a bereavement support group or are a grief support facilitator, or would like to become one, or are simply interested in learning the skills required in supporting grieving people, this two-day course will be of interest and benefit.

This programme will be of interest to people currently leading support groups to complement their skills; to those who would like to learn how to facilitate support groups; but is also of great value to people involved in human resources, hospice, church ministry, counselling and other areas seeking to assist grieving people.

The course usually runs according to demand and there will be a reduced fee for those attending from the same organisation (use code OFFER25 when booking 2 or more people).

If you wish to register your interest for any future courses, please email [email protected] and if you would like to discuss the training in more detail, please add your contact telephone number to your email.

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