Covid 19 Bereavement Support Training

This is a comprehensive, interactive, online training session of one and a half hours delivered to a mixed group covering communication and bereavement awareness.

Covid 19 Bereavement Support Training

Delivered via the Zoom platform by two members of the Rosedale Bereavement Support Team who have training in The Grief Journey, as well as being Mental Health First Aiders and ASSIST trained.

Our Aims of the training will be for delegates to:

  • Feel confident supporting those who have been bereaved during the pandemic, either directly through Covid 19, or by other means, but who have experienced restrictions during the time leading up to the death and the subsequent funeral that have impacted on their grief.
  • Be able to use appropriate language
  • Understand what may and may not be helpful
  • Develop their knowledge of useful resources and activities
  • Be able to signpost to organisations who offer specialist support

The training will look at:

  • How to best support the bereaved at this difficult time
  • What normal grief is and being able to reassure people that grief is a normal human reaction to a death and that is shows the depth of a relationship.
  • How being bereaved during a pandemic can make for a complicated grief
  • The importance of active listening
  • The importance of empathy over sympathy, when using phones and other devices.
  • The importance of the delegates being able to protect themselves from other’s grief
  • How to signpost people to specific organisations that will be able to support them on a regular basis.
  • The self-care of delegates and a reminder to be aware of their own limitations.

The A4 workbook will be delivered to delegates by post or email in advance and covers:

  • What does it mean to grieve?
  • Models and theories of grief.
  • Primary and secondary losses.
  • What do bereaved people need?
  • Myths around grief and grieving.
  • Both immediate help in the here and now and ongoing support that may be available.

Cost per delegate £55.00 to book a single place with a mix of delegates from a broad range of organisations.

Discounted rates are available for charitable organisations.

If you would like to organise this training specifically for your organisation, please call Lucy Coote on 07753 299925 or email [email protected]

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