Arranging the funeral of a child

This type of funeral arrangement is one that scares many funeral arrangers and whilst waiting for your first one to come along can be terrifying, regardless of experience, it is never easy.

3 hours £75.

The death of a child is heart breaking for families and professionals alike and putting a little one into a coffin is one of the most emotional things you will ever have to do.  We will cover all the different types of children’s funerals, from a non viable foetus through to a teenager, and the special considerations that need to be taken into account for each, such as coffins, staffing, family involvement, personalisation, costs and funding, vehicles and bereavement resources and support.  The paperwork for each scenario is very different and we will help you to understand the Children’s Funeral Fund, the Child Funeral Charity, and to unpick all the forms and the differing procedures for the Coroner and Registrar.  You will leave the course knowing the correct terminology and armed with the necessary skills required in order to raise the bar for the way you care for the deceased child, the parents and any siblings, as well as ensuring all the staff involved are supported.

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