Bereavement Training for Schools

bereaved child

Staff at Red Oak Primary School have benefited from complimentary bereavement training provided by Rosedale Training and Nature and Nurture Therapeutic Services.

Research has shown that one in seven school age pupils will experience the death of a significant person in their lives. Without intervention the risk of self-harm, drug, alcohol use and teenage pregnancy significantly increases. Nelson’s Journey, a charity which supports bereaved children in Norfolk, discovered that 47% of bereaved 18-year olds had experimented with drugs compared to 20% of those who lived with both parents.

By empowering staff in schools with the knowledge to feel confident in their terminology and approach, it is hoped that many more young people can be given the much-needed support and resources they need.

One of the participants commented:

‘I have had nothing but positive feedback following the training-overwhelming praise from some-which is well deserved-it was indeed excellent.’

Rosedale Training is passionate about promoting bereavement training across schools in Norfolk and Suffolk and urge schools to take advantage of the training which is free of charge. For further information please click here or email [email protected] to organise training for your school cluster.