Mental health awareness for the funeral profession

There are many reasons why those employed in the funeral profession are increasingly struggling with poor mental health and what is meant by the terms “Funeral Director burn out” and “compassion fatigue” and we can help you explore your own “stress bucket” and come up with helpful supportive strategies.

3 hours £75.

This interactive workshop explores how we can look after ourselves and also from an employers’ angle, ideas to look after the wellbeing of the team.  We will explore the differences between being stressed and under pressure and living with a mental health condition and will cover what the law says from the perspective of Health & Safety, Equality and Diversity and Employment Law.  We will consider a variety of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and suicide ideation, and discuss the risk factors for each.  We very much hope to achieve our aim of inspiring you to go back to your organisation with the tools and knowledge to develop an action plan to reduce the stigma of mental health in your organisation and with practical strategies to develop your own self care, even when you are always on call!

For more information on this course or to book a place please email [email protected]

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