Scam Warning


The Diss Citizens Advice has urged residents to watch out for financial and legal scams.
The call, which coincides with Scam Awareness Month, comes after the charity saw a rise in reported cases and staff at Rosedale Funeral Home are adding to the warning as they are aware that door to door salesmen are operating in the area, purporting to represent local funeral directors and selling pre-paid funeral plans.
A total of 1,200 scams were reported to the service over 12 months – a six per cent rise on the previous year.
Cryptocurrency, binary options, and holiday time-shares are among the type of scams reported to the service and the median loss for these scams stands at £330.
“The stakes are high with financial and illegal scams,” warned Mel Jones, chief executive of Diss and Thetford Citizens Advice.
“You can end up losing your savings or pension fund, which can put your long-term financial stability at risk.
Rosedale have received reports of cold callers using high pressure selling tactics to encourage people to take out a funeral plan and we want the public to know that Rosedale would NEVER, under any circumstances employ people to cold call in such a way. The involvement of a middle man usually means that you end up paying significantly more than you need to and often the small print means that you are not buying what you think you are. If you are interested in buying a pre-paid funeral plan, the best way is likely to be to contact your preferred choice of Funeral Director and talk with them directly, taking the opportunity to ask all the questions that you have and seek reassurance that the product is actually suitable for you.
“Scammers can make for convincing white-collar professionals, especially online, and are skilled at persuading people they are legitimate.
“When you get approached about any investment, don’t rush into anything without making sure its legitimate first, particularly when you’re contacted out of the blue.”
• Be suspicious of being contacted out of the blue, even if it is a name you recognise.
• If approached, never rush and make a decision straight away. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
• Never send money to someone you have never met or give out bank details unless you are certain of the person contacting you.
• Walk away from job ads which ask for money in advance.
• Genuine computer firms do not make unsolicited phone calls to help fix your computer.
• If you suspect a scam, hang up the phone, wait five minutes to clear the line or use another phone to call Citizens Advice.