About Rosedale Training

With fewer than 20 tutors registered with the National Association of Funeral Directors throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, it can be difficult for students to find a tutor.

If you also bear in mind that many potential students are also working full-time and juggling families, it can be virtually impossible to travel to weekly classes during the day or evening.  These courses are only available to students already employed within the funeral profession and are delivered on a flexible basis.

Rosedale Training offers:

Quality face to face training delivered by Anne Beckett-Allen and Mark Hall who are both NAFD approved tutors, trained to national teaching standards offering a series of face-to-face workshops, complemented with online activity and assessment throughout the duration of the qualification.

Online student registration which gives you automatic access to Moodle – an online learning resource offering 24/7 access to high quality student learning materials, student networking and additional resources at the click of a button. This will supplement rather than replace face-to-face teaching, but will allow greater flexibility for students wishing to study on a distance or block learning basis.

The opportunity to apply online for a National Union of Students (NUS) Discount Card.

A variety of activities to meet the needs of the student, including additional support and access to resources for students who may have dyslexia or any other form of individual learning needs.

Employer involvement with the aim of encouraging feedback between the student, their employer (where appropriate) and their tutor and for the student to reflect on their own skills and knowledge throughout the duration of the qualification.

Clear aims and objectives, module by module, to ensure the student recognises what has to be understood and applied, both in the learning environment and in their place of work, to ensure learning theory translates to workplace practice.